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    Joy Ride (Extended Mix)
  2. 2
    Joy Ride (MKLY Remix)
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    Joy Ride (Juncture Mix)

1. Ryan Sullivan - Joy Ride (MKLY Remix)
2. Ryan Sullivan - Joy Ride (Juncture Mix)
3. Ryan Sullivan - Joy Ride (Extended Mix)

Joy Ride is the second in a selection of singles from Ryan Sullivan's full length 'Emotional Distance' album [TFMD091] originally released on Triplefire Music. Now commissioned for remix, MKLY gets involved with a prog house take on Ryan Sullivan's Joy Ride.

Joy Ride (Original Mix) represents the unexpected side of Ryan Sullivan, a piece of music not specifically aimed at the dance floor as was the intention behind his Emotional Distance album. The track begins with half-time rhythm, warm bass and a conversation between lush synth riffs before breaking out into an enveloping four-four section with an upbeat attitude. The main melody enters late, only appearing from the bridge section but is a welcome breath of fresh air as the track turns around and returns home from the joyous journey. The ocean-like sound effects are representative of the location the song is based on, the gorgeous Cape Southern Peninsula.

MKLY lends his highly melodic and progressive sound to Joy Ride, a sound fast becoming a recognisable signature of his, as heard in the sets of industry heavy-weights such as Guy J, Kasper Koman, Analog Jungs, Enamour, Max Graham, unders, Sonic Union, Mike Griego, Deeparture, Miss Melera, Huminal and more.
Melodic elements enter early and evolve through the track as a solid bass and rhythm foundaton keep it all moving in a forward direction. A gorgeous key change in the breakdown swings with an emotion filled punch and it truly hits with a feeling of warmth before returning to it's core structure, ensuring positive energy in a high dose.

Bringing the sound of his Juncture live stream mix series to Joy Ride, Ryan Sullivan delivers a remix of his own in the form of the Juncture Mix. This is an evolving, percussive house journey that rolls like a steam locomotive with an epic expanding melody. The melody first enters with a counter melody before unfolding into an inflated version taken from the original and is fleshed out into what culmitates at an epic bubbling breakdown before a thunderous groove takes the trip to the end of the line.