Golden Wings Unique Series Exclusive Mix

Golden Wings Unique Series Exclusive Mix

Golden Wings Music welcomes Ryan Sullivan to the label with his new Exclusive Mix. The producer mixed the tracks of our new release Unique Series 5.
Ryan is back in our family as a special guest on Golden Wings Music 7th anniversary where he opens the Unique Series compiled with his original theme called Mandala.


Golan Zocher - Neshama (Original Mix) [Unique Series 5 GWM]
Ram J, Eze Colombo, Sheism - Do It Now (Original MIx) [Unique Series 5 GWM]
Abity - Doppelleben feat. Las Modas (Original Mix) [Unique Series 5 GWM]
Gux Jimenez - Textures (Original Mix) [Unique Series 5 GWM]
Ryan Sullivan - Mandala (Original Mix) [Unique Series 5 GWM]
Katrin Souza - Lonely Iceberg (Original Mix) [Unique Series 5 GWM]
Jeff Honor - Hope (Original MIx) [Unique Series 5 GWM]
Kamilo Sanclemente - Yearning (Original Mix) [Unique Series 5 GWM]
Rage & Rodrigo Cortazar - The Rage Of Roco (Original Mix) [Unique Series 5 GWM]
Oscar Vázquez - The Last Calling (Original Mix) [Unique Series 5 GWM]

Special review for Golden Wing Music by Mitch Alexander (microCastle).

Golden Wings Music celebrates their seventh anniversary with the fifth edition of their popular ‘Unique Series'. Released in 2014, the inaugural edition was not only the label's first ever release but it also set the course for what has been a remarkable seven-year history.
Featured on the first installment was a cross section of the underground's finest progressive music talents including Rich Curtis, Marc Poppcke, Sonic Union, Scotty.A, Ioan Gamboa, Tvardovsky and Nikko.Z.

Golden Wings carefully selects each release to move their vision forward, building a close-knit family of scene veterans, while nurturing new talents such as Fran Serra, Robin Thurston and Rokazer. It's this cohesive blend of artists which has made the label bold, innovative and a standout in their field.
Their quality over quantity philosophy has never wavered, even as our musical times have gotten progressively more congested. The Argentinean imprint has stuck to their core values and now after months of carefully curating new submissions, the label unveils the fifth installment of 'Unique Series' in celebration of their seventh anniversary. Featured on the collection (in order of appearance) are Ryan Sullivan, Oscar Vazquez, Kamilo Sanclemente, Golan Zocher, Rage & Rodrigo Cortazar, Gux Jimenez, Eze Colombo, Ram-J & Sheism, Jeff Honor, Katrin Souza and Abity Enjoy!


Power stuff man - love it !